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Tourist Guide for the city of Athens - Greece

Athens - capital city of Greece, birthplace of democracy and the most famous city of the Ancient World. Athens is a city bringing together past, present and future in a unique way. With the ancient ruins and temples of thousands of years ago standing side by side with the new modern buildings and infrastructure such as the Metro, Athens is the perfect example of living history.

Travel Guide to Athens GreeceAthens is home to some of the most important ancient and archaeological sites in the world. The most famous of course, is the Parthenon, which is situated at the top of the Acropolis rock in Athens. Visited by nearly every visitor to Athens, this unique structure is one that both amazes and inspires.

The peak of the Golden Age of Athens (5th Century BC) saw it as the centre of world, full of the greatest writers, most skilled sculptors and distinguished philosophers. People of the city flocked to the theatre so see that latest tragedy by Socrates, and the artistic skills of the Athenians was something that was shared by all. Political ideals, architecture, literature, philosophy, sculpture and art, are just some of the symbols of the ancient city of Athens.

What is so impressive about the Golden Age of Athens, is that even though now the importance of Athens has greatly diminished, the remains of the great historic city are still there for all to see. As well as the Parthenon, other temples, ruins and remains which scatter this once great city are visited by huge numbers of visitors every year.

Examples such as the Ancient Agora and the Temple of Zeus are just a few of the sites that Athens has to offer. Around the city, there are many places that have stood the test of time extremely well. The Parthenon, visible from all over Athens, stands as proudly as ever, keeping a watchful eye on the goings-on below.

The beautiful Plaka district, located around the base of the Acropolis is filled with old houses and shops, as well as a fine selection of coffee shops and tavernas where you can sit back and enjoy a drink or meal.

Athens, like so many areas in Greece, is a place that really needs to be explored to be fully appreciated. If you arrive in Athens with the idea that once you have been up to the Parthenon, you have done and seen it all, then you will be very much mistaken.

The real Athens, lies in the small winding roads, the tiny cafes in the back streets, the people of the city, the chaos of everyday Athenian life. This is the Athens that visitors should try to seek out if they want to truly gain an insight into the real Athens, and the magic and beauty that lies beneath the "glossy travel brochure image" that many people have of the city.

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